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Small Town Monsters began as an independent film series exploring lost and bizarre history around the United States. Focusing on small town folklore, our team tells stories through the words and experiences of those who were most affected by them - residents and witnesses.


Released in Spring of 2015, "Minerva Monster" was the first film in the series, and explored strange occurrences in 1970's Minerva, OH. Several years later, STM has released five films, with it's sixth in post-production, a web series, and planning additional projects for upcoming years.  In 2018. Small Town Monsters will release a new project, a mini-series, the first season directed by Alekander Petakov.


In addition to producing films, Small Town Monsters also attends events throughout the year to screen their movies and talk about these strange tales. DVDs, merchandise and more is available on the webstore here.

Meet The Crew

Seth Breedlove is a filmmaker. He has written, edited, produced and directed shorts and features about a variety of topics but is best known for his production company and the films they've produced under the Small Town Monsters banner. Before film, Seth wrote for a number of websites, newspapers and magazines and learned some of the skills he employs as a director while working as a reporter. Seth has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs.


In 2013 Seth began working on the concept for a series titled Small Town Monsters. The first chapter in this series is the film, Minerva Monster. Seth wrote and directed the film. He has since begun working on more projects which will fall under the Small Town Monsters umbrella including, Beast of Whitehall, which he also acted as cinematographer on.


In 2016 Seth directed and edited his first full-length feature, Boggy Creek Monster. The film is now available on DVD and through streaming services such as Vimeo OnDemand and Amazon Video.

Brandon Dalo is an American composer for film, television, video games, and commercials. After touring in bands during his teenage years, Brandon found success in scoring films with the acclaimed documentary series “Small Town Monsters” of which he has scored five films. His score for the “Boggy Creek Monster” documentary, in this series, earned him honors for “Best Film Score” from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.


Brandon has developed a unique compositional style focusing on mixing traditional orchestral elements with modern electronic sounds and unconventional soundscapes. Along with documentaries, he has also composed the music for promotional videos and commercials for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Brandon recently moved from the Cleveland area to Los Angeles and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Music Composition (Scoring for Visual Media) at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Brandon is a member of ASCAP.


Visit his website at

Zac Palmisano is a Full Sail grad and ardent film enthusiast. His tastes run more toward the horror genre but his inspiration is drawn from the works of Fellini, Hawks, and Hitchcock. As director of photography for STM, Zac recently took home the “best cinematography” award for Boggy Creek Monster from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.


He also likes leisurely strolls and riding his scooter.

Jason Utes is a film fan and loves the WWE. A lifelong horror movie follower, Jason takes inspiration from the movies he grew up with. As production manager, Jason coordinates many different aspects of STM productions and works in multiple positions during the course of filming.

Mark Matzke has been a researcher of unusual topics for nearly four decades, ever since picking up a copy of Marian T. Place's "On the Track of Bigfoot." In 2014, he joined Seth Breedlove as co-host of "SasWhat: a Podcast about Bigfoot," which he still records with his son, Andy, and assisted with production on Small Town Monsters' "Boggy Creek Monster," "Mothman of Point Pleasant," and "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge." Mark also served as emcee for Minerva Monster Day 2016 and the International Cryptozoology Conference 2017 in Portland, Maine.


In addition to co-writing "Invasion," his work has been published in Nostalgia Digest, G-FAN, Cryptid Culture, and Mad Scientist Magazine. Some of his writings (as well as links to the 'SasWhat' and 'Monsterland Ohio Radio' podcasts) are available at Mark and his family resides in Northeast Ohio, where he serves as a pastor.

Aleksandar Petakov is a documentary filmmaker and multimedia artist, as well as an avid fan of adventure and searching for the unknown. Traveling across the United States and the world, Aleksandar has looked into various Cryptozoological creatures such as Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster and the Lake Champlain monster, as well as other phenomenon and mysterious places ranging from the paranormal Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts to the hermit kingdom of North Korea. He has created short documentary films and series on these subjects, among others.

Santino Vitale is an independent filmmaker and animator from Canton, Ohio. He is self-taught, having learned the craft at an early age. Santino has produced a number of animated and live action short films over the years, playing various film festivals along the way.


As is the fashion in the indie scene, he is the father of several unproduced scripts that want more than anything to be real movies when they grow up.


He currently works as a freelance VFX-artist and shoots his own films whenever he can.


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