Momo: the missouri Monster

(late 2019)

For decades the small town of Louisiana, Missouri has run from the shadow of its most terrifying secret. In 1972, something stalked the forested area of Marzolf Hill, killing dogs and leaving bizarre, three-toed tracks. As strange lights in the night sky began to accompany sightings of the creature dubbed“MOMO”, armed posses and investigators combed the woods around town.

One year later a film crew set out to make a movie based on the true events. Created on a shoe-string budget, the lucky few who saw it have called it “the most terrifying Sasquatch film ever seen”. The creature-feature was forgotten and lost to time... until now.

Next Halloween, the documentary filmmaking of Small Town Monsters meets the drive-in Horror stylings of 70s cinema. Witness the melding of horror with reality in... MOMO: The Missouri Monster.

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