Kickstarter Surveys and Digital Links Sent

surveys sent.jpg

Backers! The Kickstarter surveys have been sent out! This means you must fill out the questionare in order to receive your rewards since it contains all pertinent backer info. Name in credits- shirt size - etc. The first reward being sent are On the Trail of Bigfoot DVDs. More will follow as each subsequent film is released.

Please head to Kickstarter post-haste and fill it out!

links available.jpg

Kickstarter backers, the digital links for On the Trail of Bigfoot are now available! Visit the Kickstarter page (or possibly your email) for the latest update containing all the pertinent information.

If you backed the campaign then you can now go stream or download the entire miniseries. PLEASE, don’t forget to let us, and the world know what you think of the series! Thanks to everyone who backed or supported the campaign in any way. We hope you’ll be proud of being a part of making this miniseries a reality.