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The Mothman Legacy

In 2020 the followup to Terror in the Skies and the direct sequel to The Mothman of Point Pleasant arrives! The Mothman Legacy continues the story of the infamous wave of sightings of a bizarre winged creature which began in the 1960s.


On the Trail of… UFOs

From Small Town Monsters and filmmaker, Seth Breedlove, comes the third season of the independent, paranormal sensation, “On the Trail of…”. On the Trail of UFOs takes the Small Town Monsters crew on a cross-country adventure that leads from the gates of Area 51 to the streets of Manhattan. Join host, Shannon Legro, as she travels across the United States, tracking the ins and outs of UFOlogy while seeking her own, personal encounter with unknown aerial phenomena. The follow-up to last year’s On the Trail of Bigfoot will also feature Seth Breedlove and members of the “STM” crew. The third season of “On the Trail of…” is already shaping up to be the biggest yet, with more cast members, a wider array of locations, and serious, investigative work. Learn more in the months ahead as Small Town Monsters prepares to unleash On the Trail of UFOs some time next year. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the production (along with two other projects) will go live in early February.


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