Terror in the Skies Production is Complete!

We have officially wrapped production on Terror in the Skies. The film will have its premiere at the International Cryptozoology Museum Conference this Saturday. Make plans to be there and meet the film’s director, Seth Breedlove, Producer, Adrienne Breedlove, co-writer Mark Matzke and two of the features subjects in the film, Loren Coleman and Ken Gerhard.

The DVD and streaming debut will take place on June 7th.

The latest batch of Terror in the Skies introduces just a few of the faces you’ll meet in the film. From Cryptozoologist, author and museum curator, Loren Coleman to investigators Ken Gerhard and Tobias Wayland to author and storyteller, Troy Taylor the film features a rich array of interviews.

Art by Sam Shearon

Art by Sam Shearon

The first of our Terror in the Skies “character posters” introduces one of the more mysterious beings spotted in the sky above the prairie state. These creatures have been seen by hunters, farmers and Illinois locals for centuries. What is behind the Ropen sightings in the land of Lincoln? Simple misidentification of known birds, or is it possible that some type of prehistoric animal still survives today?

A special thanks to all our amazing Kickstarter supporters who helped us push this particular film to the absolute highest levels of quality. We can’t wait to introduce you all to the Prairie States winged denizens this June!

Hope to see some of you next weekend in Portland, ME!