Check out our first in-depth MOMO interview. Plus, new advanced MOMO reviews!


Here is the first in-depth interview Seth has given regarding MOMO: The Missouri Monster! Thanks to our friends at Frightday for taking the time to talk about the film with us! Listen to the chat at the link below...

“In the early 1970’s a rural Missouri community called Louisiana was at the center of a series of fowl smelling, blood soaked, dog carrying, ape-like creature sightings. This week Kelly got the chance to talk all about it with documentary filmmaker, friend, and regular guest, Seth Breedlove.”

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“In true exploitation film style, the events of this “lost classic” don’t always match what really happened. This gives Blackburn a nice context for his questions, contrasting the fictionalized version with what these people remember. It’s a novel approach and makes a nice change from the usual interview style in documentaries. Momo: The Missouri Monster deserves credit for finding a way to liven the format up.” continue reading at Voices from the Balcony

This fantastical film breaks up the talking heads of the documentary and keeps the story moving along and, as I said before, it especially works because of that. Also, anyone who lived through those early VHS days and are fans of these kinds of things will be joyous about it. continue reading at Indie Horror

”When you hear the word MOMO, typically a freaky bird-girl comes to mind, unless you’ve lived in Missouri for a while. There, the name is more commonly attached to a legendary creature believed by some to have stalked the forests of Star Hill, near Louisiana, during the summer of 1972.” continue reading at Pop Geeks

An enthusiastic review of MOMO: The Missouri Monster has appeared over at the Everything Horror site. Read the full piece here!

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