Next Friday the 13th Bigfoot Storms the Canton Palace Theatre!

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Bigfoot has been in the news recently, which makes it especially fortuitous that next Friday our new film starring the big guy should be premiering in Canton at the historic, Palace Theatre. On September 13th our latest feature - a hybrid documentary and narrative horror movie that explores an infamous Bigfoot and UFO outbreak that occurred in the early 1970’s - will play for an Ohio audience for the first time.  Tickets are available here and at the door!

We’re happy to announce that many of the stars and crew associated with the picture in attendance. Film star, Adam Duggan and leading actress, Sara Heddleston, are both expected to attend along with television actress, Elizabeth Saint who appeared on the hit Discovery Network show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown. Saint plays a small but vital role in the film portraying a woman said to have been attacked by a Bigfoot in 1971. Large portions of the movie were shot in Stark, Tuscarawas, and Coshocton counties including the film’s climactic confrontation with the titular Monster, which made use of the Zoar Wetlands.

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During the 1970s a wave of horror movies and documentaries alike were released that focused on America’s mythological monsters. MOMO is a homage to these creepy “b-movies” from a bygone era, a true foray into a type of storytelling never seen before. Pulling elements from late night horror-host shows, grindhouse movies, and traditional documentary filmmaking, “MOMO” harkens back to a time when drive-ins were full of carloads of terrified teenagers and screens were full to the brim with monsters and flying saucers.

In this latest film from Small Town Monsters experience the MOMO encounters like never before! Equal parts documentary and narrative horror film, MOMO: The Missouri Monster seeks to examine a decades old case, and to uncover the impact a “creature feature” can have on a local legend. Delve deep into the heart of “monster mania” in this, the largest undertaking of its kind! 

We hope to see you at the Palace for a fun Friday the 13th night experiencing our latest venture in filmmaking! If you live outside of the area, you can snag a DVD copy of the film here. And be sure to check out the final trailer below!