New Production Office Tour

It's been about two months since we moved into our new office in Downtown Wadsworth. We're all settled in and have even had the opportunity to film some interviews for On the Trail of... Bigfoot here.

It's a small space, but we thought we'd give a little tour.

Finally, we have some room to showcase props from our movies (like the miniatures used in Flatwoods Monster), and items we've bought from other cyrptid fans. 

We're happy to say that we now have a dedicated space for audio recording. This has already come in very useful in recording Seth and Mark's new podcast Monsteropolis  (you should check it out if you haven't already). The room has also become home to some of the newspaper articles we've kept over the years.

And of course, we also have a room dedicated to editing and all of our post-production work. This space was also recently used to film interview our last few interviews On the Trail of... Bigfoot. Now... back to editing!