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This morning pre-orders went live in our BRAND NEW shop for On the Trail of Bigfoot. The two disc set DVD set of our newest miniseries will be released on March 29th. Pre-orders will be received on or before that date. Get it here:


Don’t forget that backers of the Kickstarter can get an advanced digital copy in addition to their DVD copy Of the miniseries. There’s just over a week left to back the campaign and we’re still working towards our fourth stretch goal (and personal goal of 400 backers). If our campaign reaches $60k all backers of the $65 Level and above will receive a free Terror in the Skies tee! 



Here’s the newest trailer for On the Trail of Bigfoot. Take a look, share it with your friends, and get yourself a copy!

From Small Town Monsters and filmmaker, Seth Breedlove (The Mothman of Point Pleasant, The Bray Road Beast) comes this stunning, 6 episode miniseries. Setting out the detail the entire history of the Bigfoot phenomenon, On the Trail of Bigfoot was filmed coast to coast during 2018 and features witnesses and investigators of the elusive creature.

Episodes 4-6 take you on a journey into some of North America's most isolated forests in search of the legendary, Bigfoot. Documentarian joins groups like The North American Wood Ape Conservancy, and The Ohio Night Stalkers as the seek evidence of the creature's existence. Along the way they manage to obtain some of the best audio and video evidence ever captured.

On the Trail of... Bigfoot, comes to DVD and VOD streaming services like Amazon, Vimeo OnDemand and VIDI Space this March!

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