Kickstarter Backers: Terror is Headed your Way!

If you backed our 2019 Kickstarter, you should have received a link and password via a Kickstarter update yesterday! Please be sure to tell friends and family about our film(s) to help spread the word! If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, have no fear, preorders are available here.

terror  quote 1.jpg

We'll be shipping Terror in the Skies DVDs, signed slipcases and decals to Kickstarter backers next week and they will be to you ahead of the official release date on June 7th. The rest of your rewards will be shipping alongside MOMO later this summer. 

PLEASE before contacting us about missing rewards, double check the reward list of the level you backed.

Finally, we hope you loved On the Trail of Bigfoot and that you love Terror in the Skies. Please be sure to leave a review on Amazon for both titles! This is a MASSIVE part of helping us find an audience on that platform.

Thank you again for your support of STM. We guarantee you're going to love what we have cooked up for MOMO, later this year!