Terror Arrives Friday!

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Review keep rolling in for Terror in the Skies - coming to streaming platforms and DVD tomorrow. Journey to heartland of the Midwest where sightings of strange, winged creatures have been taking place for centuries. See Terror in the Skies streaming on Amazon, Vimeo OnDemand, VIDI Space or on DVD through our shop.

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You can also get a digital copy of Brandon Dalo’s Terror in the Skies soundtrack at Film Music Site. Featuring over 66 minutes of original music from the film and being hailed as one of the best Small Town Monsters soundtracks to-date, don’t miss your opportunity to get lost in the world of “winged weirdies”!

Track List
1. Frontier
2. Main Title 
3. Chicago Flap
4. Somebody's Got to Write This Down
5. Alton
6. The Bird That Devours Humans
7. Giant Monstrous Birds
8. Nine Day Wonder
9. St. Louis
10. Birds of the Storm
11. Lawndale
12. Gray Hair
13. Other Eyewitnesses
14. The Footage
15. Winged Weirdies
16. Beyers 
17. Prehistoric 
18. Teratorn
19. Its History Has Created Its Ghosts
20. Chicago Mothman 
21. Discovery