Beast of Whitehall Soundtrack

Beast of Whitehall Soundtrack

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From composer, Brandon Dalo comes the second Small Town Monsters musical score. The Beast of Whitehall score is moody, atmospheric, and haunting. Drawing on a seemingly endless well of talent Brandon has crafted a soundtrack that is the perfect complement to the film it's partnered with. 

Track Listing

  1. What Was I Looking At?

  2. Summer of ’76

  3. Whitehall

  4. Giant Men of the Mountains

  5. Abair Road

  6. Voices from the Past

  7. Where’d This Thing Come From?

  8. Something’s Just Not Right

  9. A Glimpse of Something

  10. It Doesn’t Exist, Yet There It Is

  11. Conspiracy

  12. Pave

  13. The Adirondacks

  14. In the Valley

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