Boggy Creek Monster: The Truth Behind the Legend DVD

Boggy Creek Monster: The Truth Behind the Legend DVD


From Small Town Monsters and Lyle Blackburn comes the true story behind one of the most infamous American legends ever recorded. Boggy Creek Monster centers around the true stories that inspired the famed Charles B Pierce-directed, 1972 horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek. The subject has been re-visited by multiple, campy horror films a however, the reality behind the Fouke Monster sightings has never been documented. With author and television personality, Lyle Blackburn, as the guide, the Boggy Creek legend is brought to vivid life in this feature-length documentary film.

Learn about encounters with a terrifying creature said to lurk in the swamps of southern Arkansas that began in the late 1800's and continue to this day. Touching on events that were documented in the 70's film, Boggy Creek Monster delves into the reality behind the Crabtree, Searcy, and Ford incidents like never before. Discover the enduring tales of the monster than influenced an entire generation to search the swamps for the elusive beast!

Never has the impact of encounters with the Fouke Monster been more apparent than in this film!

The DVD includes a making-of featurette chronicling the making of Boggy Creek Monster and featuring interviews with the crew. 

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