On the Trail of... Bigfoot 2 Disc DVD

On the Trail of... Bigfoot 2 Disc DVD


Directed and told from the perspective of Seth Breedlove, "On the Trail of... Bigfoot" was filmed across the United States during 2018. In scope, it's one of the most ambitious projects Small Town Monsters has ever attempted. But don't look for our typical recreations or terrifying animated sequences here. "On the Trail of" is a scaled-back, ground level approach to epic subjects.

A series that allows one filmmaker to bring their own, singular vision to a huge subject and offers a unique storytelling opportunity for the audience, as well as the teller. In March 2019, you'll travel to Mount St Helens, home of one of the most infamous Bigfoot encounters in history, as well as the mountainous regions of the Olympic Peninsula, the darkest southern swamps of Arkansas, the temperate rainforest -like regions of southeastern Oklahoma, the lushly forested Carolina, the hills and hollers of Kentucky and West Virginia, and the dense wooded sections of New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Along the way you'll revisit some places you've traveled to in our films (Minerva, the Chestnut Ridge, and Fouke), and see some familiar faces.

This two disc DVD set contains Part 1: The Legend and Part 2: The Search.

Runtime: 107 minutes

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