Volume 1: Bigfoot

Volume 1: Bigfoot


Now you can own the first three Small Town Monsters films in one, beautifully-designed, box set! The set includes the DVD releases of Minerva Monster, Beast of Whitehall and Boggy Creek Monster with art by Sam Shearon.

DVDs come with bonus features including behind the scenes features, deleted scenes, extended interviews and much more!

Minerva Monster: In August of 1978 a small town in eastern Ohio was thrust into the spotlight when a local family sighted a “monster” in the woods behind their home. Over subsequent evenings they were repeatedly visited by the creature culminating in a late-night encounter that ended in local police being called in. The story blasted onto the front pages of newspapers across the state and into the consciousness of a nation. For weeks police, news crews, and scores of hunters descended on the town of Minerva with one common goal; to find the beast.

Beast of Whitehall: Beast of Whitehall documents the long history of sightings in and around the tiny village of Whitehall, New York, and its impact on the culture and people who live in the Adirondack mountains. Delving into the story of the Abair Incident with eyewitness interviews and detailed accounts, this film takes you on an in-depth, terrifying journey into the events that transpired in 1976.

Boggy Creek Monster: From Small Town Monsters and Lyle Blackburn comes the true story behind one of the most infamous American legends ever recorded. Boggy Creek Monster centers around the true stories that inspired the famed Charles B Pierce-directed, 1972 horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek. The subject has been re-visited by multiple, campy horror films a however, the reality behind the Fouke Monster sightings has never been documented. With author and television personality, Lyle Blackburn, as the guide, the Boggy Creek legend is brought to vivid life in this feature-length documentary film.

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